Main Beach at Pigeon Point Heritage Park on the southwest coast of Tobago is one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean, noted for its iconic jetty and calm swimming waters. A TT$20 admission fee gets you access to the lifeguard-protected beach  as well as restaurants serving famous Trini "bake and shark" (fried flatbread, shark meat, and other ingredients), vendors selling local handicrafts, access to showers, and bathrooms. Glass-bottom boat tours for nearby Buccoo Reef and the Nylon Pool depart regularly from the Pigeon Point Jetty. North Beach is a hotspot for windsurfing and kiteboarding, and you can get a lesson on these exciting water sports here. This is a great location to relax for the day, it offers clean bathroom facilities, you can rent lounger chairs for TT30 and there is a lot of Shade from the trees, also bring your own food or enjoy Uncle Ben's Bar that serves a wide selection menu and drinks as well, even get Ice Cream on the beach.

Mount Irvine Bay Beach is rarely as crowded as one might imagine and offers a fair amount of Shade from its sea grape trees and palms. The water here are a gorgeous turquoise calm reef, but during the winter you can expect some waves that are great for Surfing. Locals and vacationers alike head to this beach for a relaxing time, it offers a beautiful Sunset, you can also rent Kayak and other Water Sport equipment here.

Located in Mt. Irvine, 2.1 miles northeast of Bon Accord, this beach is on the West edge of Tobago. Although Trinidad and Tobago has beaches that are more secluded than Mt. Irvine Beach, it has just the right amount of private-feel to attract visitors, it can be accessed from the Main Road on Auchenskeoch Bucco Bay Road

Seafood is very popular in Tobago, you can always find your Curry Crab & Dumpling at the Store Bay Beach along with a Pelau, Callalloo, Curry Goat, Curry Conch, Coconut Bake and Buljol and many other dishes for both Breakfast and Lunch, while you enjoy the ambiance of the Caribbean Sea

Doubles along the Canaan Road or on the Street outside the Mall or a great tasting soup downtown during the daytime or evenings along the Canaan Main Rd. So many to choose.

For Souse, just outside Pennysavers in Canaan

For a Great tasting Pizza, there is La Cantina, II Portico, Pepe's Pizza all in Crown Point, La Tartaruga in Bucco

Grill definitely at Skewers.

Sports Bar-Rouge, for a great tasting burger with Magarita!

Fine Dining- Macara Restaurant at Bucco Town Center, wonderful ambiance, Sea Horse Restaurant open air ambiance both great for Romantic Dinners